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Saturday, July 25, 2020


When Geoff found the medallion in the thrift shop, he wondered if it was what he thought it was. He bought the small trinket with a few items and brought it home to confirm that it was the Medallion of Zulu. The myths were true, and it seemed he could wear the medallion and touch any of the clothes he had just bought to transform himself into the person who last wore them. 

He wondered if the fabled curse about people getting stuck was also true. He tried not to think about that too much right now, considering he had just touched a purple dress to the  medallion to transform himself into a woman. But he told himself that he’d be safe. He’d bring the medallion with him for the next twelve hours to make sure nothing happened to it. The only clothes he had that fit his current body was the purple dress he had transformed himself with, so he slipped it on. Then he hit up a few bars and clubs, pleasantly surprised by guys buying drinks for him. He kept a constant eye on the medallion throughout the night.

By the time 3AM rolled around, he was feeling like he had outsmarted the curse. However, he returned home to fire trucks surrounding his house. The damage to the structure was minimal, but the possessions inside had been destroyed -- including all his clothes and any hope of using any of it to return to his own body. The curse had outsmarted him.

The next day, Geoff returned to the thrift store. He’d have to buy some more clothes for this body. Despite the stress of the situation, he smiled; there just seemed to be something fun about looking at clothes for this body...


  1. Myths and legends have bases of true, the how or why. If you don't have the original notes. You will have fifth, or sixth or seventh from the true.