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Thursday, July 30, 2020


Mark stood at the side of the altar doing his best to maintain a smile. It had happened a few days ago when he awoke in the body of one of his fiancee’s best friends just days before his own wedding. Despite his shock, his own mind seemed to be the only thing out of place. Everyone else was completely normal; even his own body acted like he would, knowing things only he would know. Mark began to think of himself as a duplicate of his own consciousness in Irene’s body.

He had thought about telling his wife-to-be the truth about who he really was at her bachelorette party, but decided against it. She was still happy with the original Mark, and he wanted her to be happy. He couldn’t ruin it for her; he couldn’t ruin her wedding. So he decided to be happy for her instead, even if this big grin was killing him inside. He wanted to be happy because she was happy.

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  1. I noticed that all of the posts starting from june 27th this year backward, the image/caption is not showing. Could you see and check for the problem? Regards