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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Dumpster Dive

Eric knew Mallory had thrown the Medallion of Zulu into the trash; he knew the trash was now in one of these dumpsters. He could jump in to fish it out, digging through trash for hours. He’d probably find it eventually, but was it worth it? Even if he found it, he’d never convince Mallory to swap back with him. She wanted his body, and there was nothing he could do to convince her otherwise. He could try to trick her somehow, but he couldn’t even begin to formulate a plan. He could try to find someone else to swap with, but most people he could think of would be a step down from being Mallory. Maybe the best option would be just to continue as her? He could just leave the medallion in that dumpster and just accept this was who he now was. Of course, there was still something tempting about having that power on hand...

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