Saturday, July 11, 2020


Alex had been walking by a gym when the Great Shift struck, and he ended up swapping bodies with a woman who was on her way inside. The first thing he noticed was, of course, his new gender, as he gently cupped his unfamiliar parts. And the next thing he noticed was how good he felt, like he was full of energy and ready to run up and down a hill. He guessed this woman must go the gym often, which was quite in contrast to Alex’s own lifestyle of sitting on the couch and playing video games. He was kind of assuming that maybe the woman he swapped with was less happy about the swap.

Friday, July 10, 2020

Down in the Park

Fred’s head was feeling hazy and confused; it was as though all the blood had rushed to it for no good reason. As he tried to shake the feeling, he looked across the park.

His jaw dropped in shock as he lifted a finger to point, “That’s my body. What’s it doing over there?”

He paused for a moment to look as his finger, and then asked more questions, “Why is my nail long and painted? And what’s wrong with my voice?”

He then screamed in a pitch higher than he could ever imagine he could make as he realized he was now in the body of a woman. He wasn’t the only one though. It seemed everyone in the entire park had swapped with someone else.

The hazy feeling had gone away, and now Fred was in outright panic mode. He had swapped bodies with a woman! 

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Closer Forever

All the guests had left, and Robert and Jane were basking in the glow of their newlywed love in the now empty reception hall. They hardly even noticed the old lady wander in off the street.

“Do you love your new bride?” The lady approached Robert and asked.

“Of course,” He replied.

“And you want to be close to her forever? Be with her?”

“Yes, yes.” He said hoping the woman would leave.

Instead she waved her hand, which caused Robert and Jane to pass out. Robert awoke some time later, feeling quite strange. He couldn’t seem to move the left half of his body, but looking down it actually wasn’t his body at all! Then he looked over to see himself in a mirror and it got even weirder. He was a one head of a two-headed Jane! 

A few minutes later, Jane’s side awoke. She was just as freaked out as her husband.

“What did that old lady do to us? Where did she go? She needs to fix this!” Jane screamed.

“I guess she made me close to you,” Robert said, feeling very with Jane’s voice coming from his mouth, “To make me be with you. I’ll love you no matter what, but we do need to find her and get her to fix it. But we’ll need to coordinate. We each seem to only control half your body...”

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Not Easy

Ed had never realized how difficult morning routines could be for a woman. Blow drying hair, doing makeup, picking an outfit -- it was just so time consuming. In fact, being a woman for the rest of the day was also pretty stressful. He realized this was probably all part of the experiment that he signed up for, to be in someone else’s body for a month. He just hadn’t expected to swap with a woman! The other strange piece of the swap was that despite feeling anxiety and stress about it all, he also seemed to KNOW how to do it all. It was like he kept certain pieces of the woman he swapped with. He was a little worried about anything that might linger when he returned to his own body.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Not Held Back

Much like the rest of the world, Lewis found himself inside a very different body as a result of the Great Shift. When it happened, he asked a few people around the location he was now in to confirm he wasn’t the only one, then he quickly developed a plan. He recognized the area, noting it was only about two miles from where he lived; it was a reasonable walk. He could get into his house with the hidden spare key, then he’d just wait for more information to become available.

However, as he began to set out, he was impeded by his own feet. He was having some serious difficulty walking thanks to the heels on this body’s shoes. Balancing was tough, and he’d have to go much slower than he planned. He told himself he could still do it -- and maybe it’d get easier, or maybe he’d find new shoes along the way. He knew he was moving awkwardly and probably not very ladylike, even if now was most certainly a lady. As he continued to move along, he felt a bra strap digging into him, the long hair on his head made him sweat. And speaking of sweat, the leather pants were also quite annoying for that reason, in addition to being tight and tough to move in. Still, he wasn’t going to let any of this hold him back.

Monday, July 6, 2020


“Jen...I know this is going to sound crazy, but don’t hang up the phone. This is your boyfriend Neil calling.” Neil paused while Jen talked.

“I know its crazy, but I was working on an invention in the basement and something weird happened. Suddenly, I was outside in someone else’s body. I don’t know who she is or how it happened, or if it even has anything to do with my invention. But I think it probably did. I just need you to go downstairs and make sure I don’t...I mean, make sure my body doesn’t do anything crazy, like smash the device. I need to figure out where I am and how to get home, and it looks like...”

Neil’s heart sank as he looked at a sign, “Like I’m 3,000 miles from home.”

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Last Resort

It had been a rough day for Jason. He had been minding his own business when he swapped bodies with that ballerina on the street. They tried banging their heads together, wishing, a fortune teller, and much more. As a last hope, Jason entered a church. He wasn’t religious, but he even tried praying. It also didn’t work, so then he just put his feet up and resigned to the fact that this was his body now. He guessed that he would have to learn how to dance, as he imagined there was little else on this woman’s resume.