Saturday, July 18, 2020

Crime Spree (Part 2)

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Of course, Sam became well aware of the downside of possessing a woman as well. He felt awkward almost immediately, like his body was all out of proportion and there was weight in places he didn’t expect it and other things were thinner or altogether missing. Having possessed a wide variety of men in the past, he had come to expect certain variation in body types, but a woman’s body was just well out of his comfort zone. Then there were the clothes. The shoes were uncomfortable to walk in, the top dug into his back, the pants were tight. And speaking of pants, they also had no pockets, so he couldn’t even think of anything else to do but just sort of run around with money in both fists. He was sure this made him even more likely to get caught, but he still couldn’t argue with results.

Friday, July 17, 2020

Crime Spree (Part 1)

Sam had been a lifelong petty criminal, but lately he had been able to step up his game. He wasn’t sure how the strange pills came to arrive at his door, but the fact that they allowed him to possess someone else’s body for a time just made pulling off robberies so much easier. He’d go to a bank, putting a bag with a gun and a spare pill well hidden outside. He’d use one pill to swap with someone nearby then go back and pick up the bag. He’d demand some cash from a teller, then start going around town. He’d exchange some for change from stores, and deposit it bit by bit into his own account using various ATMs. The spare pill would be under his tongue the entire time. If the cops caught him, he’d chew down and return to his own body. He had a couple close calls -- including one time when the body he had possessed got shot.

Today, he had ended up possessing a woman -- something he had never done before. He would’ve preferred a guy, but there was really no one else around. As he continued with the rest of his plan, he was starting to think there may be some advantages of being a woman. He had already deposited more of his score into his account than usual, and he didn’t see any sign of the cops anywhere.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

New Year (Part 2)

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After a week passed, everyone who had been at the party was resigned to the fact that they were never going to get their own body back. Again, this was much easier for couples than for someone like Adam -- who was stuck in the body of an almost total stranger (though he did learn her name was Elle). Adjusting to Elle’s life was the easy part. She didn’t seem to have much of a job, her parents still sent her plenty of money, and she had a nice place filled with nice things. Actually being Elle was a lot harder. She seemed to only own fancy, feminine clothes; people would drop in expecting her to be up on the latest trend of whatever; she had an active social media following. Adam missed being Adam, and spent the days longing to return to his own body.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

New Year

When the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve, no one could’ve predicting the weird body swapping event that affected everyone at the party. Proximity seemed to be a factor, so most couples swapped bodies with the partner they had been kissing at midnight. For those who came to the party solo, they either swapped with another single guest or with the person they had found to kiss. Shortly before midnight, Adam had found a woman in a silver dress to agree to let him kiss her on the cheek. When he found himself in her body at 12:01 he took his glass of champagne and went straight to the bathroom. Being someone else was completely surreal. For about ten minutes, he wondered if he had been drugged -- but it all felt too real to be some sort of euphoric high. He was now in the body of a woman he had asked to kiss on impulse; he didn’t even know her name!

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

A Deal's a Deal

It sounded like a good deal. Sure, Brittany was asking for a lot. She wanted Jack’s body; however, in exchange she would give Jack the spell book that contained the body swapping spell. Jack had always been a scrawny guy, but a spell that could swap bodies meant he didn’t have to remain that way. He could swap with a football player or a body builder or just someone more attractive than he was. Plus, there was no telling what other kinds of spells were in there. He didn’t ask why Brittany wanted his body or for any more details. He probably should’ve.

Once he was inside Brittany’s body and had the book, he realized a big problem. All the spells were written with weird symbols that he had no idea how to pronounce. He couldn’t even understand which spell was the body swapping spell. He tried to ask for some help on how she translated it, but Brittany just told him a deal is a deal, and she handed over the book as agreed. He still wasn’t sure why Brittany wanted his body, but he knew he was going to be stuck in hers.

Monday, July 13, 2020

Checked in

Edgar was unconscious when he was checked into the hospital. The only reason he even knew he was in there was because his spirit floated above his body. It actually got kind of boring to just be hanging around in his own room, but he figured that, as a spirit, he could go anywhere. It turned out he couldn’t actually just go ANYWHERE, his spirit seemed bound to the hospital. It was still entertaining to fly about inside among the doctors, nurses, and the patients. However, one day he got stuck in one particular room where a woman lay on life support. And the distance he could travel away from her became shorter and shorter. He was being drawn to her. There was nothing he could do to stop it, but he was going to merge into her body. He was going to become this woman. But what about his own body? 

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Fit (Part 2)

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Realizing he was now in shape was one thing, but realizing exactly how much turned ut to be another. As he guessed, this woman was pretty upset to now be in Alex’s former body. She got in his face quite aggressively. Alex pushed his former body away quite effortlessly and even landed a punch. After which, Alex flexed. He couldn’t believe the muscles. It was obvious why the woman had been upset, but it’s not like he was to blame for the body swap -- he was just a lucky beneficiary.