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Friday, July 21, 2023


“I can’t believe that worked!” Brendon said with a laugh while his buddy Lou jumped behind the bar to grab some drinks to celebrate.

“A toast!” Lou shouted as they each downed a beer and their laughter continued, “To stealing our wives bodies!”

But their laughter faded after several minutes as the pair stared at each other. “Why are we celebrating this?” Brendon asked his friend, “My butt feels so big and my pants are so tight. Not to mention...I don’t want to be a woman! Why did we cast that magic spell?”

Neither Brandon nor Lou could figure out why they cast the spell to swap bodies with their wives. Of course that was because their wives has cast a spell first, to convince them to do it. As that spell wore off, the two men were now stuck in their wives bodies yet no longer had the desire to have their wives bodies.

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