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Sunday, July 23, 2023

What Was She Thinking?

Edmond was pretty sure his maid Lea hadn’t fully thought out her plan. Whatever she did that caused them to swap bodies placed her inside his body, giving her access to his vast wealth, but he was also 80-years-old. Meanwhile, he was now in her youthful 20-something year old body -- and in complete control of what she would be eating. Edmond was also sure she didn’t know where his will was, nor the fact that he was planning to leave Lea and the rest of his home staff a significant amount of his fortune.

With all these considerations in mind, Edmond simply planned to slowly poison Lea. No one would even suspect foul play with what looked like a fairly tyical death of an old man. He’d be able to start a new life with essentially money he left for himself. Sure, he did feel a little bad about killing Lea in his body, but she had stolen it in the first place!

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