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Wednesday, July 12, 2023

At the Party (Part 2)

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Greg continued to check on his other guests. In particular, he was looking for Emily, a woman he had a total crush on. He was excited when she actually showed up, but hadn’t been able to speak with her before the Great Shift had happened. He hoped she was unshifted like him, but when he saw her coming out of the room where the coats were, he realized that was unlikely.

“I needed to find something silver,” She told him, “Silver blocks the government radio waves that cause mind control, you know. My last hat must not have been silver enough; that’s why I am here. I’m...not where I should be.”

Considering she was ranting like the homeless guy that sometimes stood outside his loft, Greg could easily guess who must be in Emily’s body right now. It certainly wasn’t Emily.

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