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Monday, June 12, 2023

At the Party

Greg was hosting a party at his Brooklyn loft when the Great Shift happened. Luckily, he wasn’t swapped with anyone, but he soon discovered that almost all of his guests had swapped bodies. A few were concerned about it, but most wanted to just keep partying. Still, he wanted to check on everyone to make sure they were okay.

He approached Enid and Wilson and asked how they were doing. Wilson raised his glass. Well, actually it was Enid who raised her glass. They had simply swapped with each other. Enid was now in Wilson’s body, drinking his beer; and Wilson was now in Enid’s body, sipping on her small glass of whisky. They seemed happy enough; they told Greg they were happy, so Greg moved on.

After he moved on, Wilson whispered to Enid, “Truthfully, I’m still freaking out about this.”

Enid whispered back, “Me too! How do you control this thing between your legs. It’s gross.”

“I had a lifetime with it; it becomes second nature! I’m freaking out about not having one! What’s so weird is how no one is freaking out. I want to scream, but I don’t want to be the only one, you know?”

“Maybe we ditch the party and just scream outside?”

“Let's go...”

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