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Sunday, June 4, 2023

Who Am I?

It had been three weeks since Eileen and her husband had been captured by the mad scientist and locked in cells. And last week, Eileen’s husband was taken out for some sort of experiment and he never came back. Things got quiet for a while until the mad scientist took her for a bit of a tour where he opened doors remotely while guiding her around with his voice.

The tour was mostly empty cells, but there was a few failed experiments with mostly disfigured bodies. It was horrifying. As she neared the end, a cell door slid open and Eileen was shocked to see what seemed to be her own body.

“Did you clone me?” She asked with disgust.

“It’s more like a copy,” The voice of the scientist said, “You see, inside that body is the mind of your husband. I was able to transform him by copying your DNA. What may be most remarkable is that he thinks he is you. I have made it so he is not able to see you right now, but don’t worry, I already gave him a tour earlier and he asked quite similar questions when he saw you.”

“But if he doesn’t know who he really is...” Eileen thought about this carefully, “How do I know that’s not really Eileen? How do I know I’m not her husband trapped in a copy of her body?”

“You don’t,” Laughed the scientist.

“I might not really be Eileen,” She whispsered, “I might really be a man? Oh, god!”

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