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Friday, June 9, 2023

The Game (Part 1)

“It’s some sort of game,” Emma explained as she showed the box to her friends, Jackson, Nick, and Tricia.

She continued, “I found it in my attic. It claims to be magic.”

“So, like a Ouija board?” Tricia asked.

“No, it’s like Parcheesi,” Nick said while taking the box from Emma and opening it up and looking inside, “...And holy crap! The pieces look like us! I call being Emma!” He turned to Emma and handed her the piece that looked like him, “You’re stuck as Nick.”

But as Nick put the piece that looked like Emma, he transformed into an exact copy of her! Emma was a little scared to put down the Nick piece, but did so and transformed into him.

Jackson and Tricia were floored.

“It really is magic,” Jackson gasped before quickly grabbing the piece that looked like him to put on the board.

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