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Wednesday, June 14, 2023

The Island

“Grant, you need to listen to me,” Harvey tried to explain, “You need to leave this island. It changes people; it literally transforms them into women and makes them forget who they once were! I’m almost gone. I just have my arm left. I can only remember bits and pieces of my former life. We were...friends?”

Grant laughed, “That’s quite absurd, Helen. An island that transforms people?”

“No, it’s true. Look at my arm! Please! On my hand...I have a wedding ring with an engraving to my wife. Please leave and give it to her.”

Grant took the ring off of Helen/Harvey’s oddly mascline hand. He was starting to believe the whole story when a blond woman approached them.

“It makes no difference if you leave now,” She said, “Just being here means you have already been infected. You will become one of us. But staying will prevent those you know from being infected...”

“Don’t listen to her! There has to be hope!”

But in the back of Grant’s mind, he knew the blond woman was right, and he could feel it starting already.

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