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Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Expose (Part 1)

“What the hell is all this?” Amy asked. She had been skeptical when she got the anonymous phone call about exposing a secret about one of the world’s largest companies, but as an investigative reporter, she had been compelled to follow the lead. The result was a meeting with Dr. Ted Baxter, who had brought her down to this lab deep underground.

“This is the company’s secret lab where we’ve made the technology to swap two people’s minds,” Dr. Baxter explained, “That wasn’t what it was supposed to be. We’ve twisted this into this unethical madness. That’s why I’ve brought you here to expose it.”

“Swapping minds? I’m sorry, Doctor, but I just don’t believe you.”

“I’ll demonstrate,” The doctor said before quickly adding, “With animals.”

And so the doctor hooked up a cat and a dog to a strange machine. He moved a bunch of levers and knobs, then flipped a switch. A light flashed and the cat seemed to be acting like a dog and visa versa, but Amy wasn’t totally sure. But as she walked over, she felt heavier and strangely different, and a moment later, she realized the animals weren’t the only ones who had swapped! She had swapped bodies with Dr. Baxter!

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