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Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Transformation Booth

Elliot had read about the transformation booths they had in Asian. The technology allowed you to transform yourself into a completely different person! They were outlawed state-side, but nothing stopped him from going on a vacation!

The booth was one of his first stops. There was no one in line, and he walked right in. There wasn’t an english option, so he struggled through the process in a foreign language. He wasn’t quite sure what options he picked or what his new body would be like.

Within a few moments, the changes took place and he found himself stepping out of the booth. He had apparently selected options that had transformed into a woman! Even his clothing had changed! It wouldn’t have been his first choice, but it certainly felt unique and different! He was going to spend a few days like this, but he was also eager to go back in and see what other type of body he could make!

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