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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Saving Humanity

I saw a weird burst of light coming from the alley next to my building while walking home and saw two oddly dressed women standing there. It got even weirder when one of them opened her mouth.

“Greetings, human male,” She said, “I trust I speak your present day language approximately. We arrived from the future and seek aid in your time. When we come from, men folk have gone by disease. We require a body for mating. A man’s body if we may take you.”

I smile thinking this was too good to be true. Were two women really offering themselves up to me right then and there? “Besides, ya know, saving humanity, is there anything in it for me?”

She tilted her head and said, “You may select which of us you want.”

I was a little disappointed I wasn’t going to get to do both, but I pointed my finger to the one on my right, who hadn’t said anything yet.

“Very well,” The first said, seemingly content with speaking for both of them.

I expected to lead the quiet one back to my room or teleport to some breeding ground in the future, but instead the flash of light simply appeared again. The two women fom the future were gone...well, sort of.

The talkative woman went back to the future with my body, but I got stuck in the quiet one’s body. Luckily, she did have a voice. I was able to speak, but I was now stuck in the body of a chick, wearing her odd future clothes, and they had stolen by body!

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