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Sunday, June 11, 2023

Don't Be Stupid

Seth had agreed to help his friend Diane by temporarily allowing her to transfer his brain into a computer and the computer’s AI system into his brain. That part was quite successful, but it seemed the AI was a little too excited to be in a human body and ran off. Diane figured the best person to track down Seth’s body was Seth, and used her transferance device to swap herself into the computer and Seth into her body. At least that’s what the note said that Seth found. After he read it, he looked down at the computer with an expression of annoyance.

“You better have a plan, Diane,” He lectured, “Chances are that I’ll be able to find that AI in my body, and it’s likely I’ll even be able to bring it back here...and then what? I don’t know how to use your device to get the AI back into the computer or even how to use it to get you out! And I know you can’t hear me or ask me questions, because I was just in that computer. It’s like blackness in there; pure nothingness! Which means I don’t know why I’m even talking to you! We’re all stuck! The AI in my body; you in that computer; and me in your body! You’re so smart, but sometimes you can also be so stupid!”

Of course, what Seth hadn’t done was turn the note over that Diane had wrote. Instructions for using the device were written on the back, and they were pretty easy to understand. If only Seth wasn’t too stupid to check something so basic.

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