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Saturday, June 24, 2023

Equal and Opposite Reaction

Lily begged her older brother William for his help to pass her college finals. He was more than happy to help her out, but he floored when she told him her plan. They’d sneak into the science lab and use an experimental device to swap their bodies right before final weeks, he’d take the finals for her, and they’d swap back when the week was over.

It seemed outrageous that the school had such a device, but sure enough they got into the lab a few days before finals and had their bodies switched.

Despite being in disblief, William was also pretty excited about this. He’d not only be taking Lily’s tst, but also eating in the cateferia as her, sleeping in the girls’ dorm as her, and going to the gym as her.

Most guys would kill to be able to see that sort of stuff without raising an eyebrow, and he now had that opportunity. However, he quickly realized it wasn’t as exciting as he hoped. The problem seemed to be that having his sister’s body also meant having her hormones. He’d be in the locker room and trying to check out another woman, and he’d just feel...nothing! He had no interest! He tried to tell himself he should! He told himself that he should be turned on, but it just wasn’t happening. And it got worse when he exited the locker room and saw a guy working out without a shirt; because now he felt his body react!

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