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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

A Shameless Plug

This is both a thank you to those who have signed up for my Patreon and a bit of a shameless plug for those who haven't as well. It's in the tradition of some very old captions where people magically transformed just by reading sites with TG fiction or TG captions, which is obviously beyond the promise of any site (at least right now), but I guess we can dream, right?

Dave had been reading Alicia’s Great Shift Captions for years, even if he never told anyone. The thought of being transformed into a woman was always exciting to him. But when Alicia started a Patreon, he was hesitant. Sure, it helped cover the costs of the site, but it was weird, right?

After a bit of hesitation, he gave in, and he began going through the posts on the Patreon. There were many long-ago-deleted captions and a few newer images too. As he scrolled, he couldn’t help but notice the changes to his body.

“No way,” He muttered, “Magically being turned into a woman was NOT listed as one of the perks of signing up.” He checked back over; it certainly wasn’t, yet somehow it happened...

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