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Monday, June 26, 2023


Kumar wasn’t sure why he was suddenly walking on an suburban street listening to two white woman prattle on, but he didn’t want to startle them, so he just smiled and nodded. Upon doing so, he felt a strane brushing on his neck. He quickly discovered he now had long blond hair, and the reason he wasn’t freaking these women out was because he was now also a white woman just like them.

A few minutes ago, he was a large dark-skinned man living in the city; yet now he was in the burbs in the body of a white woman. He still decided trying to blend in as much as possible was his best bet, which he guessed wouldn’t be too hard considering the body he now had. That is, until one of the women spoke to him directly.

“Shelley, do you ever worry Thom is cheating on you?” One of them asked.

“Who da hell is Thom? Y’all not callin’ me a homo,” Kumar said, not able to hide his inner city dialect. He saw their shocked reaction and quickly tried to correct himself by speaking like a valley girl, but it still felt a little forced, “I mean, uh, like kidding! Thom and I are like fine.”

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