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Saturday, June 3, 2023

Needed the Money

“Oh, my God,” One of the nurses whispered to the other, “She’s waking up. She’s not supposed to be waking up in the middle of this.”

“What are you doing to me? Why do I only have one arm?” The young woman on the operating table slurred.

“It’s all right, Miss Li,” The other nurse said, “We’re just performing the transplants you’ll be paid for.”


“Yes, many in your financial situation choose to sell and transfer body parts for money.”

“But my arm? legs? Why are my legs over there? How am I going to walk after this without legs?”

“It’s actually everything from your waist down. You aren’t losing them so much as...swapping them with another person. Mister Carver and you agreed before all of this. You’ll have everything of his. Now, breathe deep.”

“Mister? Mister Carver? No, but I don’t want,” The woman on the operating table began to fall back asleep, “I don’t want to be a guy down there. I want...”

The first nurse spoke up again, “That was so weird. Remember to use a bigger sedative dose next time.”

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