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Monday, July 3, 2023


“Excellent. I have arrived,” I felt myself saying without having any clue as to why I was speaking such words. I continued to speak, “I apologize in advanced for the following.”

The next few minutes were pure pains as my entire body re-arranged itself. I became smaller and more feminine. I could no longer control my body to be sure, but I believed I had been changed into a woman wearing a silver dress. An occasional strand of hair flew in my face, it seemed pink.But I couldn’t control my own hands. My body seemed to have a mind of its own.

“Allow me to explain,” My body said, “I am from the future on a mission. I sent my nanites back to transform your body so I could accomplish it. Once I am complete, I will return control to you of this vessel.”

“Control? What about turning my body back to normal? I don’t want to be a woman! And how did no one notice all this?” I screamed as a voice in her head.“I’m afraid I needed my form to look like this for my mission, but the nanites lack to power for a second transformation once it is complete. This is your new form. Despite the crowd, people didn’t notice the change simply because they didn’t want to. People tend to ignore the out of place. This is to my benefit.Now you will sleep inside this form until I have finished.”

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