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Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Inside the News Room

“Okay, listen up! Everyone has swapped bodies, but it’s our jobs to report on that. We have a canned story that’s slated to end in 30 seconds, and we need to be on this. I am very aware I appear to be Emma, but I am, in fact, your executive producer, Elliott. Please tell me that’s Max behind the desk ready to lead us in,” Elliott said as he addressed the rest of the news room.

“I don’t know if this intern’s body is going to look all that commanding giving the news,” Max protested, “She’s like a 90 pound, 19-year-old meek Asian girl!”

Elliott addressed Max directly, “Your gravitas doesn’t come from your body, Max; it comes from you being you. I know you can deliver, okay? Now,” He turned to the rest of the staff, “Who do we have in the field? Do we know how widespread this whole thing is? Any word on if this is a terrorist action? What sort of name are we giving to this whole great shifting of bodies anyway?”

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