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Sunday, July 9, 2023

The Game (Part 2)

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The game truly was magic and Nick swapping bodies with Emma was just the beginning. On the first round, Jackson turned into a female version of himself, Emma and Tricia swapped bodies, Nick had his arms disappear for a turn.

It was all so weird. Emma noticed, however, that as she got closer to the end of the game, she became more and more like herself; more and more normal. But as she looked at her three friends, it seemed the closer she got to the end of the game, the more and more they were looking like her as well.

Emma thought about throwing the game a little to help her friends catch up and maybe get back to normal. It didn’t seem to help. A few more rounds in and they looked more like her than ever. And just as Emma was about to win, her friends collectively made a request: to take a break.

Emma was a little worried about finishing the game and leaving them all stuck as copies of her, so she agreed, hoping maybe they could take the time to read the rules some more or figure out how to get them back to normal...even though they didn’t seem to mind.

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