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Wednesday, July 19, 2023

The Day (Part 2)

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Jason threw on some clothes and began to talk with the man. They tried to sort out the situation that Jason kept outlining.

“So, I woke up thir morning in the body of your wife, Amy,” Jason summed up, “We’ve tried calling my cell phone to see if she’s in my body, but we get no answer. Your name is Matthew, and you’ve been married to Amy for about three years. You two have no kids. You guys aren’t into freaky magic or weird stuff, and neither of us have any clue as to why I would swap with Amy. Oh, and she’s got work in about two hours.”

“One favor,” Matthew intrerupted, “Could you please sit a bit more lady like? Like legs crossed or together or something? It’s weird seeing her body act like a dude

“But don’t forget, I AM a dude! Just a dude stuck in your wife’s body.”

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