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Saturday, July 29, 2023

Help! (Part 2)

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“When I asked for your help, I expected that meant you might be smart enough to help me get back into my own body; I didn’t expect you to swap yourself with Mrs. Lee’s husband!” Ed said.

“Well, you had left me alone in the basement as you went to store to get some more stuff. Then he came home, and I panicked!” Jeremy explained.

“So at least know what chemical compound you used, right? You can make more and swap Mrs. Lee and I back to own own bodies? And you and Mr. Lee, too?”

“Not exactly. So after he and I swapped, I tackled him in my former body. I tied him up and put him in the closet. I tried several times with the same formula, but as you can see -- I’m still stuck as Mr. Lee!”

“So you’re saying that we’re not only stuck in the wrong bodies, but in Mrs. Lee’s basement right now is your body -- one of Mrs. Lee’s students -- tied up and locked in a closet? Damn, Jeremy, I thought you were smart, but you seem to lack even the most basic common sense!”

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