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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Slow on the Uptake

Turn for the Worse

Biff couldn't believe he was crying! Two hours ago he was King of the World, just graduated high school with a football scholarship to an Ivy League school, had his girl on his arm, and prepared to take on anything. Then the Great Shift hit. It was bad enough it stuck him in a girl's body, but couldn't he at least been stuck as one of the hot cheerleaders as opposed to this freak? He started getting scared. If this couldn't be reversed, there'd be no football scholarship. He couldn't believe this bodies emotions! The tears flowed, smearing the black eyeliner he was now wearing. His girlfriend didn't want to talk to him, and things look like they have taken a turn for the worse for Biff.

Go For It

"Dude," William told his roommate, "I was listening to this record 'Go For It,' and I suddenly started to transform into this hot piece of ass lying on the ground before you. For some reason I just couldn't stop listening until I was finished transforming. For about half an hour after that, I tried to play the record backwards. I'm not sure if I was checking for subliminal messages or thought it could reverse whatever happened or what, but after that I just sort of accepted it. In fact, I've listened to it several times in a row now. I think Im getting just a little hotter each time. I'm ready to start the record again...if you're game? Trust me, you'll love it."
However, when William's nerdy roommate listened to the record, it had a different effect. He facial features became ruggedly handsome, he muscles swelled, and he became very well endowed. Upon the next listen of the record, the two did indeed "Go For It" and made love right there.

Friday, February 27, 2009

You'll Need This Tomorrow.

Everytime Dan and his girlfriend, Tara, went out, she would complain about how dirty public restrooms were; she was always horrified that she might have to sit down on one. Dan felt she was whining and snapped at her one day. Though he apologized profusely for being so rash, fate seemed to have a way of stepping in. Things swirled about for a moment before they drifted back to reality. Dan and Tara stared at each other for about an hour before a word was spoken. They, like most others, had been victims of the Great Shift and swapped bodies. Several more minutes passed before Dan felt a familiar sensation...he needed to pee! When he went into the women's room he finally understoof Tara's disgust. Something did feel so much grosser about the public bathroom now! After placing toilet paper over the seat, he managed to squat hovering about the bowl before returning and admitting his foolishness. Tara accepted the apology and reached into her purse. She pulled out a tampon, "Oh, and you'll need this tomorrow."

Book Worm

Julian was the University's biggest book worm. When the Great Shift hit he ended up in the body of the school most popular party girl and cheerleader. Julian didn't keep up with her athletics, but maintained his interested in literature. It wasn't long before many of the men (at least the one's who maintained male bodies) found a greater interest in books, and the library became the hottest place to hang out on campus!

Kicking the Habit

Some people ended up in the bodies of supermodels after the Great Shift; others became athletes. Ed found himself in the body of a junkie jonsin' for her next hit. After years of fighting against drugs at local PTA meetings he had been convinced the habit was an easy one to kick. However, now that the shoe is on the other foot he was learning how hard it would be to quit. It had only been a few moments since the shift, and his body ached for drugs. He tried to turn his mind to other thought, like finding new clothes for his indecently dressed body! It was all in vain. He couldn't tear his mind away. Rest assured, dear reader, the story has a happy ending. Months of rehab and several relapses later, Ed finally kicked the habit.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Switcher

Mike's family hadn't taken him to amusement park in ages, but for his 12th birthday they decided he would enjoy a rare treat! His eye was immediately caught by a new ride called "The Switcher" and begged to go on it. His dad joined him while his mom went on a walk with his little sister. Certainly, none of them expected "The Switcher" to be so literal! As they approached a sudden stop in the ride Mike experienced what felt like his soul flying out of the ride--heck, out of his body--continuing to sail past the ride's construct into the general park. Mike thought this ride was the most amazing thing ever until he realized the feeling didn't seem to be stopping! His soul crashed into a group of people! It felt like he had hit a ton of bricks and somehow he actually DID leave the ride. He cursed the park's safety features when he noticed everything seemed...different. He was in the park's gift shop and spied into one of the sunglass mirrors--GROSS! He was his own mother! Somehow The Switcher had switched their bodies! It got worse; he found out his dad had swapped with his kid sister! Mike grabbed his dad's hand, setting to go back to The Switcher to try and change back, but when they got there a sign hung over the ride: Out Of Order.


Chris and Wendy's relationship was on the rocks. They argued all the time and just couldn't seem to see eye-to-eye on anything. A good friend of the couple knew their troubles and offered his help by sharing with them The Medallion of Zulo. "One night as each other and you'll never argue again," he said. Both thought that he was full of crap but went along with it anyway for the sake of their marriage, and both were amazed when it actually worked. The two were feeling up their new bodies and were in awe at the situation. One thing lead to another and the next thing you know, they were making love under the covers. The next day their problems seemed lifted; neither felt the need to argue anymore; however, the medallion refused to work when they tried to switch back. Their friend gulped, "It doesn't work if you're, um, pregnant." Eight months later and the couple still haven't argued a single time.

Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills: Switch

Found this bodyswap episode online. It's so cheesy and poorly acted, but figured people would enjoy this:

Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills: Switch
Gorganus plans to alter the power portals while the sentinels are within them, so he sends out Voldak. After their fight with Voldak, Nimbar sends them back through the portal and they switch bodies. Laurie’s mind is in Gordon's body, Gordon’s mind is in Laurie’s body, Drew’s mind is in Swinton’s body and Swinton’s mind is in Drew’s body. [Video from KEWL Cartoons]

Evil Eye

The only thing Max could do was give his father the evil eye from across the room. Thanks to his stupid invention, he had switched bodies with his sister. Normally, he'd take the opportunity to twist the situation and tease his older sister, but they happened to switch on the day she started her period. Now the only thing twisting was the feeling inside his stomach. He had hoped his father could reverse the swap as soon as possible, but after he had a look at the machine, he determined it was going to be another month (at least) before it would be working again. Max was going to spend the whole time giving his dad the world's biggest guilt trip.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Since the Great Shift dropped an unknown homeless man into the body of one of the world's most famous models, her agency had been helping him to try to adjust. They had taught him about makeup, how to walk, the latest fashions, and everything else. Most of time they got away with it; however, there were many instances causing them headaches. The time he insisted wearing a tinfoil hat at a runwat show, for instance. Today he had shown up to a gala event wearing clothes he had just dug out of the trash; his hair and makeup were still a mess after the experience. Plus, other guests were starting to complain about the smell...


What's Good for the Goose...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Photos Back Up!

And just like that the photos are restored! Sorry about that!

Photos Temporarily Down

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The three scientists studied Luke carefully. They attached a weird device to his head to further inspect his brain. None of them had ever heard of a man spontaneously changing gender before. However, test after test revealed nothing unusual. He appeared to be a perfectly healthy woman. Of course, the previous day he had been a perfectly healthy man.

Malfunctioning Taxi

When Patrick fell victim to the magic taxi he refused to continue the cab's bodyswapping curse. Eventually, the taxi started to cause him physical pain, yet he resisted. One day a beautiful, young model on her way to a photoshoot entered the cab. He envied her life, but he still refused to steal it from her. The taxi had other ideas. As she left the cab, without warning, the cab swapped their bodies in a quite unorthodox way. Patrick remained in the driver's seat in the model's body while the model went to the shoot in the body ofthe gross, disgusting cabdriver. Neither could deviate from ther tasks. Though Patrick went to bed in the cabbie's apartment, he awoke in the model's home. On the desk were proofs from the shoot the day before. He laughed when he saw the photographs of the cabbie's body wearing string bikinis, expensive fashion, and whatnot. He still couldn't help feeling bad for cursing the model to live the life of the cabbie until she too found a body to swap with.

Good News. Bad News.

Beyond Dreams

Monday, February 23, 2009


Greg would later found out he was one of the many, many victims of the Great Shift, but all he knew at the time was that he woke up from a nap somehow stranded in the desert. Worse still, he was convinced he was hallucinating as he thought he was imagining himself in the body of a woman. He didn't know at the time that it wasn't a hallucination! Trying to figure out where he was and how to get back to civilization, he trekked across the sand. On the verge of collapse, he ran into a man who immediately shared some water and food.
"What's a pretty, young woman like yourself doing out here?" He asked, unaffected and unaware of the shift.
'Woman?' thought Greg. He said aloud, "Then it's not my imagination?"
Greg had always secretly wanted to be a woman, and he thanked God that his prayers had finally been answered as he collapsed into the man's arms.

6 Poses in B&W or Color!

Isn't It Ironic? Don't Ya Think?

Sunday, February 22, 2009


"If you tell anyone about how we stole these bodies, I will break your neck," Tucker threatened his brother Chris. Though both brothers had been eager to steal the two girls' lives, Chris was beginning to feel guilty about the swap; plus, being a girl wasn't nearly as much as he thought it would be. Tucker, on the other hand, loved his new role and life. He wasn't going to let his brother screw it up. Neither brother had fully thought about the swap fully and forgot about one minor detail: the two girls who were now in THEIR bodies. The girls had figured out the swap and how to swap back. However, only the girl in Tucker's body wished to do so; the girl in Chris's body was quite content. And so with a little more magic Tucker was back to being a guy while Chris was stuck as a girl.

Model Job

I Now You. You Now Me.