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Thursday, January 13, 2011


Brittany was worried about how well her boyfriend, Dave, was adjusting to being her after they had swapped bodies using the Medallion of Zulu. He had gone to the mall in one of her short dressed and high heels, and he was pulling it off effortlessly. He pulled off the pink look with ease, skipping with each step. Even his interests seemed girly--fawning over flowers and begging to go bra shopping. She was worried that when the twelve hours were up that he wouldn’t want to switch back!


  1. He won't want to switch back, and who can blame him? Neither would I :) Serves herself right for agreeing to the swap in the first place. Fantastic use of pic my friend :D

  2. ROFLOL! great story & use of pic! One of your best. Do they swap back? Maybe 'she'll' promise to make it up to 'him' by giving 'him' lots f sex?