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Monday, January 10, 2011


Franklin had always been a shy and awkward nerd. He had never felt like anyone ever paid attention to him and would have given the world to be someone else. A strange ad in the paper one day offered just that. He was skeptical that it might be some sort of self-help scam, but he went to the address anyway. He was greeted by a doctor and soon introduced to the person he would be switching bodies with. He was surprised to find that it was a popular girl from his school named Megan. After being rushed into another room, both Franklin and Megan passed out. Franklin awoke in Megan’s body, but also found that he still needed his glasses. The doctor explained that nerve endings in the eyes were too close to the brain to be separated. Franklin didn’t care; he was just happy to have a new life. And not only that, to be popular and known! He couldn’t imagine why Megan would ever want to give this up! But she had her own goals. She no longer wanted to be the center of attention; she wanted to be able to be a nobody, to not be gawked at by every guy, to be someone no one paid attention to.


  1. Very good use of pic, excellent story :) Love the touch with his glasses :D Thanks.