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Saturday, January 15, 2011


It was not something you see everyday. It was certainly not something Kevin had seen ever before--a battle between a superhero and supervilain! A flying woman in red, white, and blue was fighting a strange demon-looking monster. He had always thought such fantasies were limited to the comics page, but the proof was in front of his eyes. They seemed to be fighting over a weird gun. The hero finally grabbed the gun, but a hit by the villain caused it to go off, zapping Kevin in the process. He expected it would vaporized him instantly, but instead there was a quick flash. He found himself floating, then falling. He must’ve dropped at least 100ft, hitting the ground hard, but it didn’t hurt at all. Then he realized why. The gun must’ve been some sort of bodyswapping ray, resulting in a swap with the woman--he was now a superhero! And there was one angry monster with an eye on getting the gun now in his hand! He’d have to worry about swapping back later.


  1. Excellent use of pic :) Super caption (pardon the pun, lol).

  2. ROFLOL! great use of pic & cqaption. I wonder if he will want to swap back? LOL

  3. where you get the picture?