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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Being gay

Marty and Abe had been such good friends. The two gay men weren’t a couple, but many often mistook them for one. But when they both wound up in women’s bodies as a result of the Great Shift, their friendship started to be strained. Being a woman was everything that Marty had always dreamed of; he loved having sex with guys, feeling like he had a perfect for a guy to make love to now. Abe had been a mope though, and Marty kept egging him on to enjoy himself. Then one day Abe snapped.

“I was a MAN,” he angrily stated, “I liked being a MAN. I liked having sex with men AS A MAN. I liked being GAY. Maybe you enjoy being a woman, but all I feel like now is a man trapped inside a woman’s body, a gay man trapped inside a woman’s body. Short of another Great Shift, there’s no way to fix this. I’m glad you’re happy, but please stop expecting ME to happy as well.”


  1. LOL, you can't please some gay men, :) Great use of pic :D

  2. like me, this is a peculiar story, but it was good, I wonder if you could do more sports stories this year, as well as stories from women to men, and if you do stories that conbierten bodybuilders women like me a lot.