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Monday, January 24, 2011


Professor Ryan Greene had assumed that the goggles would’ve protected him from the effects of testing his latest invention, and he also expected the six feet of concrete to protect the rest of campus! The bodyswitcher had successfully swapped his two test subjects, but it also resulted in switching the bodies of half the students and faculty on campus! Profressor Greene didn’t even need to look into the mirror to figure out whose body he wound up in. She was an eccentric student that he had seen around campus; he didn’t know her name, but he knew he was now in her body--simply from the way she dressed with the tall heeled boots and short pants that probably barely covered up her panties (if she was even wearing any)!


  1. Spectacular caption, great use of pic! One of your best :) Thanks.

  2. Wish that would happen at my school.

  3. LOL! very giid story use of pic. Poor girl!