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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


“Hey, Doc! Yeah, Jake and I just left the club; We’re getting ready to go home, and maybe know.” There was a pause. “No, we didn’t argue once. When you suggested this strange unconventional ‘bodyswapping’ therapy as part of couple’s counseling, I didn’t expect it to work. I mean, literally, how could you swap two people’s bodies? And when I found myself in Jake’s body, I was still skeptical that it would bring greater understanding. But I feel great, and Jake feels great in my body too! Hang on; he’s tugging on my arm and begging me to get off the phone so we can rush home. This will be the first time we’ve had sex in forever, and it’s going to be strange doing it in each other’s bodies!”


  1. Great caption, I love it. Bodyswap therapy is always cool! :)

  2. ROFLOL! great story & use of oic. I ownder if they will swap back?