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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Birthday (Part 5)

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Matt didn’t know where Toby’s girlfriend, Chan, lived, so while in her body, he just sort of wandered around, hoping the next change would come soon--at least he was wearing her comfortable workout sneakers. It took three hours before it happened. He found himself in a new body. This time he had no idea who he was. Everyone previously had a connection, but he didn’t know chan well enough to be sure if she knew who he was now. Plus, the revealing dress she was wearing meant that a cell phone wasn’t nearby or convenient. Checking out his new body, he had to admit that this one was the best one so far. He wouldn’t mind being her forever, but he was sure that he would swap again soon enough.


  1. Yay, part 5 of this story, one of my favorites, and what a body, I'm sure if he never swapped again, he wouldn't mind :) Thanks my friend.

  2. Personally, I'd rather swap with a body that's biologically female. Enlarge the pic, analyze the hands, jaw, and hip stance. You're welcome ;)