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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The hotel

In two parts of the strange hotel, two different people collapsed at the exact same time. On floor two, Derek had been walking behind a woman on the second floor and he felt humiliated when he felt himself passing out. Jennifer was on floor four, returning from a night of heavy drinking. She wasn’t surprised when she suddenly fell, but she was certainly surprised when she started to get up--now she was inside of Derek’s body! Meanwhile, Derek found himself in Jennifer’s body, finding in hard to even move in her drunken state. Both could barely grasp what had happened to them; all they knew was that they were no longer themselves! Little did they know, it was all the doing of the hotel they were staying in. Each and every night two of the guests would find themselves with their bodies swapped. Derek and Jennifer were not the first victims of the hotel’s strange powers, and they wouldn’t be the last either.


  1. Fantastic caption!! My kind of hotel :) Thank you for sharing this with us.

  2. Well done caption.pic - weird story, powerful & well told

  3. I'd be booking a room every night of the year at a place like that