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Sunday, January 9, 2011


Amanda had thought she had the perfect plan for stealing her husband’s body with the Medallion of Zulu. After talking him into a brief swap, she went swimming with his body where she conveniently “lost” the Medallion in the ocean. But her husband wouldn’t give up easily. The next day he rented a boat with plenty of diving gear. He crossed his arms while giving Amanda a deadly stare, “You say you lost the Medallion at the bottom of the ocean? Then we’re going to look for it. I WANT my body back, Amanda, and I WILL get it back.”


  1. LOL! greeat story & great use of pic! ˝good to see the woman do the stealing gor a change

  2. Why on earth would she give up that sexy body?? Great caption but not realistic, to me anyway, lol.