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Monday, April 25, 2011

Birthday (Part 7)

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Several hours had passed, and Matt was still in this older woman’s body. It had been the longest period of time he had ever been stuck in one body. He had even taken a nap--in part because his current body felt so tired but also because he wanted time to pass faster--but still he seemed stuck. He was hoping to sense the familiar bodyswapping feeling, but so far there was nothing...


  1. I'm giddy in anticipation for the next part of this saga. Wonderful series, thank you :)

  2. The chaos his swapping is causing. I wonder if he is now stuck? Too bad if he's in that older woman's body. what a great series. great touch with him feeling sore & tired in his new body.

  3. Just re-read your excellent story/caption and its even more powewrful. I am wondering if 7 being a major magical number if his swappig days aer over? I bet the older woman isn't unhappy? I wondr if she wil taunt her poor 'old mom'> Brrrr!