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Friday, April 22, 2011

Now or ever

“Theresa, last week you were begging me to swap bodies with you. You said you were tired of your life, tired of being a woman. You thought I had it so good as a man. I reluctantly agreed, and over the past week I’ve come to love your life. Now you’re here begging for your body back?” Kan laughed, “I don’t think so! Look at how hot I am! How hot you could have been if you just showed off a little bit. Your friends--I guess my friends now--have been commented about how much cheerier you--or rather I--seem now. Maybe this swap was for the best. I’m not switching back with you now or ever.”


  1. One of your best, wonderful story. He definitely deserves that body more than her :)

  2. Very good story & use of pic. I love mutual swaps. I guess look before you leap is a very god saying.