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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Immigrant (Part 1)

This would be the third time Miguel tried to cross the border into America. The first two times had been thwarted, but he was convinced this one would be different. However, when border patrol suddenly surrounded his group, he cursed his luck once more. But then a light brighter than any siren encompassed everyone and suddenly he was on a hill looking down at the whole incident. He saw his own body get arrested, but then he looked down at his own body. He put his hands up to his head to feel long hair cascading from it. He had become a woman, but at least he made it across!


  1. All the luck in the world :) I can assume the Great Shift was responsible? Great caption!

  2. Excellent story & use of pic. It sure could lend itself to continuing - how does he do as her - & how does the poor girl cope with his body, arrest & being deported! OUCH!