Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Ben had just screwed together the last piece of his invention, and he smiled as he got ready to try it out. With this machine, he would be able to transport his personality across town into someone else’s body, essentially possessing them for as long as he wanted. When his dog, Buster, jumped into his lap as he strapped himself in for testing, he freaked out. He wasn’t sure what the results would be. However, when he found himself safely across town in the body of sexy socialite, Maria Campbell, he was relieved. It had worked! But then he felt something rubbing up against his leg. His dog had apparently been transfered into the body of another woman nearby. Now Buster was panting, barking, and generally acting like a dog. Ben knew he had to get Buster out of there to prevent causing a scene or arousing suspicion, but somehow he already felt it may be too late.


  1. LOL.....whats happen with the woman? Is the woman in the body of his dog "Buster".....smile. And if she how she react after the swap with a male dog?

  2. LOL, great use of pic :) I love it!