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Saturday, April 16, 2011


An spell found inside an old library book swapped the bodies of nerdy computer geek Walter and ditsy blond bimbo Tammi. Walter certainly couldn’t complain at first. He had never felt so beautiful or popular, but then he found out that Tammi was skipping all his classes. Even if she did attend, there would be no way for her to keep up with his advanced studies! If he didn’t get back to his own body soon, he would fail. He returned to the library. The spell had to be in one of these books. Now it was just a matter of finding it before his first midterm at 3PM.


  1. What the hell's his problem? LOL. I'd keep her body, a perfect match to my intelligence :D

  2. LOL! great use of pic. I think he better get used to being someone's trophy wife!