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Sunday, April 24, 2011


Justin could’ve believe that his bodyswitching machine had actually worked! He had swapped bodies with his very sexy and voluptuous neighbor, Raquel. The big problem was that Raquel (in his body) now thought that she was always Justin! This meant that now in order to switch back, Justin would have to sneak back over to his own house to reactivate the device. He peaked over the fence, hoping that Raquel would leave to go run an errand. He was hoping to get an opportunity soon, he felt his own mind slipping into the daily thoughts of Raquel.


  1. Fantastic cap!! This could the beginning of a good series too. With anyone swapped into Justin thinking they're him...and then swapping into other bodies :) Great stuff! Thanks.

  2. WOW! one of you best! Great story, use of pic drama the whole 9 yards. My best quess is that he'll end up as her.