Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bachelorette Party (Part 3)

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Ryan was glad the champagne was done--though the other women were quick to hand him another bottle--but he looked around to discover that his fiancé was nowhere to be seen.

“Where Amber?” He shouted, “Where is she?”

“Relax, Megan,” One of the women responded with a wink, “She’s off with the stripper. Having a ‘private dance,’ remember?”

Ryan was desperate to get his fiancĂ© out of that situation, but his drunken mind couldn’t come up with a good solution. “I want a private dance with the stripper!” He shouted, “No, I want to SLEEP with the striper! No, I want a threesome with Amber, the stripper, and me!”

The other women hooted and hollered; they were ready to make the request a reality.

1 comment:

  1. LO! things are going from bad to worse. What a receipe for disaster. I can't wait to find our how it will end. PLS continue!

    has he taken too many p[ills & his body dies are is in the hospital.
    Will Megan wake up on his body & takeover his life?

    Will he like his new bodybetter or see a side of his GF he doesn't like?

    Will he get so drunk he ends marrying someone in her body? LOL!