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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Paradise (Part 4)

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Once it sunk in, Phil became quite angry at Jerry. He started yelling that Jerry had stolen his wife’s body and that somehow he caused her to jump in an effort to keep the body forever. Jerry tried his best to calm the hysterical man. The boat would be turned around soon, and they’d be able to pick up Crystal. It was likely that she wouldn’t have been able to retrieve the medallion, but at least she’d still be alive! Phil grunted, asking what kind of living would it be with her stuck in Jerry’s ugly old body. Jerry ignored the insult and explained that both Crystal and he believed the medallion was the source of the swap. Just as he explained before, the best chance of finding it again would be to wait by the beach and let the tide wash it ashore.

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  1. EXCELLENT STORY & nice choice of pic in an erotic setting. Thanks for continuing I can't wait to find out what happens next