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Friday, March 30, 2012


When Tony saw what his daughter Megan was planning to go out wearing, he flipped out. Much like fathers do when they feel their daughter isn’t dressed appropriately. However, Megan wasn’t backing down. The screaming match lasted for nearly 15 minutes. It didn’t end with either side giving up though; it ended when a super-natural force known as the Role Exchanger decided to intervene. It decided both needed a better understanding of the other. Both became silent when they found themselves in the other’s body. Tony slouched down on the couch. Now that he had Megan’s body, he guessed that he could change clothes, but he really didn’t understand why he had to. He was comfortable, but more important, he felt sexy. Meanwhile, Megan became horrified looking at her former body. It was one thing when she was wearing that outfit, but the thought of her father dressed like that (even if he had her body) grossed her out. She sat down at tried to rationalize with him about why he had to go change. The argument quickly got heated again.


  1. I love the Role Exchanger :) Please, this is great, I hope you do more :D

    1. ROFLOL! great story, use if pic & ironic. The more things change the more they remain the same