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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tourist (Part 5)

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Todd sat on the edge of a flower bed by some shops in an effort to collect his thoughts and develop a plan. He thought about asking people around about the items in his bag, maybe they could translate some of it and offer some ideas about where to find the woman in his body. He was about to pull them out when a sharp feeling came from his stomach. He hadn’t eaten all day, and he was hungry! The hunger reminded him of his new body; he wondered if things would taste different. He rubbed his stomach and looked around for a place to get some lunch. Then he slowly moved his rubbing down to his legs--his smooth, smooth legs. He moved his hands into his inner thigh, but stopped before getting too dirty; he was in public, after all! But after looking in the mirror and now looking down, he couldn’t help but focus on how cute his new body was!


  1. Fantastic fifth part :D You can't blame him for getting excited in that sexy body.