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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day out (Part 1)

Will couldn’t believe how angry his girlfriend, Erica, was. All he wanted to do was go out hiking alone, and she exploded, claiming he didn’t want to spend time with her. He tried to calm her down, but he couldn’t get a single word out. He ran out feeling woozy, passing out just outside. He awoke on Erica’s floor feeling strange. It took only a moment for him to realize why; he was in Erica’s body! He sat up, feeling the sexy curves of her body move in ways he wasn’t quite used to. He called out for her to no response. He knew she was angry, but stealing his body was uncalled for (not to mention unexplainable!). He knew where she was headed, and he was going to get his body back.


  1. Erica obviously doesn't appreciate having a sexy body like that. He should have it!!

    1. Weirdly funny - what a hysterical GF! Good story & use of pic. I can't help thinking she has hidden agenda