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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gas station

Diane pulled her minivan into the gas station with her son, Harry. While she pumped gas, he went in to grab a chocolate milk. A few minutes passed before a woman exited a gas station carrying a chocolate milk. She got into the back of Diane’s minivan and spoke, “Come on, Mom! Let’s go!”

Diane was confused, but not as confused as Mark, who was sitting in a nearby sportscar. His wife had just gone in for a pack of cigarettes. A boy came out and got into his passenger seat. “Can you believe the clerk refused to sell me cigarettes, Honey? He said I looked underage!”

Meanwhile, an old man inside smiled as he paid the gas attendant $100. A small fee for being able to try out his mind-switching device on unsuspecting


  1. One of your best ever captions, I love the swapping of random people, especially women and boys :D

  2. LOL! good story -there's going to be quite a rude awaking!