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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Middle of the road (Part 3)

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Geoffrey was feeling pretty humiliated trying to hitch a ride in this body, but what choice did he have? He was so thankful when a car pulled over. However, that thankfulness washed away when a sleazy looking guy walked out.

“Babe! I’ve been looking everywhere for you! Why are you out here? What the hell are you doing?” He asked.

Geoffrey nervously came up with a lie, “I, uh, was feeling exposed in this bikini. I was going to go home and change into something more modest.”

“You’re always so picky.” The man sighed, “But you packed like three alternatives in the car. You couldn’t just gone to the bathroom.”

“Er...right...” Geoffret reluctantly agreed as he got into the man’s car and the two headed back to the beach.

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