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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Permanent record

Quinn cursed his luck when he got caught scheming his latest prank against Lily, one of the school’s unpopular nerdy girls. He sat in the Principal’s office awaiting a punishment that would likely suspend him for a week and kick him  off the football team. But the Principal suggested an alternative sensitivity training, one that wouldn’t show up on his permanent record. Quinn, thinking it would be an easy way out, quickly agreed. During lunch, he met with Lily and the Principal in the school’s boiler room where a strange device was set up. Quinn was a little scared as he and Lily were strapped into the machine. A moment later, Quinn found himself in Lily’s body! He wanted to throw up! The Principal told him that he’d be spending the next week in her body. He nearly cried, but it was still better than being kicked off the football team! He walked the school in a state of disbelief for a while before going into the bathroom to splash water on his face and hopefully awaken from this nightmare. Inside two popular girls hurled insults at him; he felt humiliated. He thought about telling them who he really was, but realizing that if anyone knew he was going through this, it would be humiliating for the rest of his life. He just knew he had to do his best to get through the week.


  1. Excellent way of doing it ;) I'm sure Lily is happy in his body ;)

    1. WOW TALK ABOUT LETTING THE PUNISHMENT FIT THE CRIME! classic! One of your very best ever!

      It raises many questions as to what happened next. How did Lilly do at football practice, with his friends & GF? And how did they do with each others folks - even did they swap back?