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Friday, March 23, 2012

Who's Who?

Paul paced nervously back and forth by the altar at the church. It was only about an hour before he’d be married to the most wonderful woman ever. But then he felt queasy and collapsed. He slowly opened his eyes to see his bride-to-be screaming. This was bad luck! He wasn’t supposed to see her before the wedding! She was also screaming that her name was Phil. Uncle Phil? He had thought his bride had gone crazy until he realized that he was also in a different body. He was in the body of her maid-of-honor, Lucy. What was going on here? How was Uncle Phil in his bride’s body? How was he in Lucy’s body? Was everyone in the wrong body? Where was his wife? Who was in his body? Who was who?


  1. Wow, lucky Paul and lucky uncle Phil :) And a superb caption!!

    1. Very Well done depiction of the chaos of the GS